A Twitter account move

Twitter is a social media/networking … thing … that I’ve had a long love-hate relationship with. Great for quips – and at its best during Eurovision – and amplifying very simple messages; awful for discussions, readability, privacy and safety. My first account was within a few weeks of the service going live, but I gave up on it shortly afterwards due to a lack of networking with other people. But, come November 2008 and at a conference in Chicago, I found myself surrounded by people using it and so picked it up again. Over the many years now I’ve had various accounts – geoshore and I think joe_librarian were two of many – and not all of of them were completely serious. But I’m back down to three now, of which only one sees much action.

1) wordshore: my account of several years, but for various reasons I grew tired of it and the not-great way I’d built up connections on it. Rather than spend a colossal amount of time editing and deleting what I can, it’s pretty much abandoned as of last autumn.

2) UKOLN: an account which I share the ownership of with (currently) two other UKOLN alumni. For some inexplicable reason UKOLN – when still in operation before the 2013 staff cull and 2015 shut down – never picked up the domain name. So I took it. We occasionally put UKOLN-related tweets up, but as the organisation slowly fades from memory, so these are less frequent.

And then there’s my current active one – solstraler. This used to be the twitter account for the 2007-12 Virtual World Watch project, but I revamped it while largely keeping the existing small follower/following base. Hence it was created some time ago, but the content in there is relatively recent (unless you are reading this post several years from now).

The name? This is Norwegian for (roughly) sunbeam or ray of sunlight; the idea is that it is positive, and it’s something I try and get a lot of in real life by doing the “going outside and wandering around” thing. And, most importantly, it’s to do with shining a little light on certain things that are work-related, but more of that another time when other content elsewhere has been created. In the meantime, the solstraler account is heavily focused on games, games in learning, EdTech (education technology), various cultural things, and the odd meme and joke. Much less focused on heavy stuff, or politics, or grim things as you can get those (waves at the TV, the Internet, the shops, people talking outside) anywhere else.

So, if you were following me on wordshore or elsewhere, then you may want to consider following me there. Or, not. At the end of the day, it’s just short text messages.

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