I am originally from Wickhamford, a village in the Vale of Evesham, Worcestershire. My childhood and upbringing were rural, working on the land and selling produce to passers-by. Winters and bad weather in this isolated place were a good incentive to get into home computers and video games; there’s a game-oriented biography of how this developed.

University study
1988-91: BSc Jt Honours in Statistics, Computer Science and Operational Research, Hatfield Polytechnic.
1991-92: MSc in Data Engineering, Keele University.

University research and work
1992-95: Researcher, Department of Information Science, University of Sheffield.
1995-97: Information officer of UKOLN and web editor of Ariadne, University of Bath.
1997-98: Researcher, ILRT, University of Bristol
1998-99: Manager, OMNI, University of Nottingham.
1999-01: Research funding manager, CDLR, University of Strathclyde.

Post-university research and work
2005-09: Small business website analyst, Outer Hebrides.
2001-now: Independent education technology researcher, Silversprite.

I also assess funding proposals for awarding bodies, and I’m a member of several academic or research organisations. My academic research and work over the years has mainly covered aspects of games and virtual worlds in education, health and information services. However, I’ve also researched aspects of libraries and information systems in education and health services.