I've presented and lectured to academic, public and commercial audiences, on digital games and virtual worlds in learning, since 1998. This has led to some nice travel opportunities, exotic cuisine, lots of new contacts, friends and colleagues, and opening the mind to other speakers. Here's a picture of us lecturers at the 2006 Ticer "Digital Libraries à la Carte" course, held at Tilburg University in the Netherlands in 2006 (with me in dorky hair days).


There's a dozen or so of the (many) slide decks for presentations I've done over the years, over on Slideshare. These were for games conferences, academic seminars and workshops, online conferences and ethnography events. Feel free to download, embed and/or use any you find useful.

As a side point, there's an abrupt line with the presentation styles. The early decks, consisting of slides of many words in small print, came before I read Presentation Zen. The more picturesque, and far less wordy, slides and presentations came afterwards.


A few presentations from events I enjoyed presenting at.

A presentation from the American Library Association symposium on Games, Learning and Libraries, in Chicago in November 2008. After this session extolling my love for what Nintendo do, I went outside to see huge queues of people voting that day in the US presidential election. Crazy times.

Examples of how digital games have been used, stored or accessed, by people and institutions in library and information science. This presentation given to the Game Research Lab and other academics at the University of Tampere, in Finland.

For the 2009 JISC Online conference; what you can do in virtual worlds, what people are doing in them, and the problems, issues and advantages of using virtual worlds in education.

To the audience at Internet Librarian 2008, in Monterey, California, how the roots of the looming 2008 US presidential election are grounded in Europe. This served as a warm-up to the results of a survey of European libraries on their policies regarding video and digital games.

The keynote presentation to the JISC Northern Regional Support Centre conference "Learning in Virtual Worlds". A big crowd, and a great event with many virtual world in education projects in attendance and also presenting.