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In the North of England, Autumn 2015 I research and report on the use of digital games, and related technologies and mechanisms, for learning and teaching. I've been doing this for clients in the public, education, entertainment and private sectors since 2001. Earlier, from 1988, my academic and research backgrounds have been in statistics, information science, educational psychology and learning theory, and game studies.

My position is neutral regarding the use of games in education, and my approach is scientific "proof" or evidence-based. Typically, I synthesise existing research and literature for a specific audience, evaluating contemporary evidence of how games work (and don't work), and include relevant examples of good (and not so good) practice.

There's a list of some work-related activities, and a few examples of content I've produced. Interested? Then here's how to contact me. And, yes, the beard has been growing since May 2011.