Hello. I’m John Kirriemuir, an independent researcher from England.

Since 2001, I’ve undertaken research – often in collaboration with academic organisations, projects or services – into the uses of digital games and virtual environments in education, learning and teaching. More recently, my research has become more focused on collecting and synthesizing evidence for the effective use of this medium in education.

Opening slide of 2007 presentation in Finland on Digital Games in Libraries and Information Science Continuously ongoing research includes analysing existing and emerging research and literature, evaluating contemporary evidence of how games work (and don’t work) in formal and informal learning situations, and compiling relevant examples of good (and not so good) practice. This evidence can take many forms, such as systematic reviews and meta-analysis, with varying degrees of robustness and use.

I also undertake work for commercial and business organisations outside the education sector, providing text on aspects of game uses in education and several associated topics.

My background is a mixture of statistics and operational research, library and information science, and education research focusing on the use of games in curriculum-oriented activities. Since 1993 I’ve written an array of materials in academic and non-academic publications and various media, either solely or in collaboration with others, on games in education and libraries and information systems.

Opening slide of 2007 presentation in Finland on Digital Games in Libraries and Information Science I’ve been self-employed since May 2001; when not working I tend to roam around the UK, the Nordic countries and the midwest USA. Perhaps ironically, I don’t play games as much as I used to as I try for a work/non-work and indoor screen/outdoors non-screen balance. When I do play games, these tend to be either for evaluating their educational use for work, text adventures (of which I spend some time designing miniature instances of), or the Nintendo franchise Animal Crossing.