I provide text-based content for clients in the public, private and academic sectors. These include:

* Education and educational technology research and information dissemination organisations.
* Government departments, groups or organisations concerned with education, climate change or energy transition.
* Entertainment or learning game development or production companies, especially those involved with developing games containing some elements of climate or energy environment or detail.
* Private companies, institutions and individuals.

Here’s a list of some former clients.

The content I provide usually concerns aspects of climate change and energy transition as relevant to digital (or video) games. Within this, I can specialise to a greater depth on aspects of the changing cryosphere, and sea level changes, where relevant to digital games.

Content is always compiled anew i.e. I do not recycle old or previously compiled works. This ensures that content the client receives is unique, contemporary and does not cause copyright or IPR problems.

My parallel research activities enable me to weave up-to-date information, content, references and examples into the content.

All the content I provide is verifiable.

Unless otherwise required, the text I produce is usually grounded in high quality, cited and referenced research content, with a preference for Open Access publications i.e. those freely accessible and not behind paywalls. This allows the reader to follow “knowledge paths” to more fundamental, and pre-existing, scientific content.

Citations and references are consistently provided to a recognised bibliographic format.

Various attributes of the content, such as the style, tone, degree of formality, level of detail and technical depth, will depend on the target audience. My academic and working background in both statistics and information science mean I can take complex scientific arguments, concepts and math(s) and accurately summarise in a more palatable way for a target audience or demographic.

Content is usually all textual, or text-oriented. I can include (copyright cleared) screenshots and some other media as appropriate.

I can provide content suitable for inclusion in:

a single web page
a set of web pages, such as an online resource, guide, information pack, or “toolkit”
print-based publications
guides to games in learning
briefing papers
evidence or literature reviews
technical reports

The time required to produce content depends on several factors e.g. the agreed length and complexity of the material. It also depends, of course, on other client commitments. However, as a very rough guide: when I have no other commitments, smaller works can be delivered in a few weeks from contractual agreement.

Please get in touch.

The open sea off the coast of Greenland, with many fragments of ice.