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You can connect on LinkedIn, where I’m at, if you wish.

Other online communication
When working in collaboration or for clients, I usually use email, discord, and slack for text, and Zoom, Teams, Skype or Facebook for video chat.

Say hello
Alternately – if you are at the same event then please say hello. So you know what I look like* here I am, well-wrapped up on Christmas Day 2019 in Stockholm:

*okay, a bit greyer now

I have an archive of pictures, on Flickr, stretching back to 2005. They can be browsed by collection, or here’s an album of my particular favourites. The slices of cryosphere scenery at the foot of each page on this website are from pictures taken over Greenland in 2007-08.

THe end of a glacier, hanging over the sea off southern Greenland