Virtual World Watch

Virtual World Watch (VWW) was an online project from 2007 to 2012. The main purpose of VWW was to find academics in the UK who were using virtual worlds, and to find out how and why their use of such technology worked (or didn’t).

For much of the time, VWW was funded – either as a compiler of stand-alone reports, or as a more holistic information service – by the Eduserv Foundation. Since 2011, the service was largely unfunded and produced a few more stand-alone reports, making 13 in total. VWW also presented at several academic events; the slide decks from some can be found on Slideshare.

Snapshot reports

These were ten survey-based reports, the aim being to gain some kind of ‘snapshot’ of virtual world use in UK Higher and Further Education.

# Released Title
1 July 2007 UK HE and FE developments in Second Life.
2 Sept 2007 UK HE and FE developments in Second Life.
3 May 2008 Second Life use in UK HE and FE.
4 Autumn 2008 UK HE and FE developments in Second Life.
5 Spring 2009 Virtual world use in UK HE and FE.
6 Summer 2009 Virtual world activity in UK HE and FE.
7 Winter 2009 An academic year of expectation?
8 May 2010 Virtual teaching in uncertain times.
9 Summer 2010 What now?
10 Spring 2012 Zombies can’t fly: the enduring world of the virtual.

Other reports

Virtual World Watch also produced three non-snapshot reports, all funded by the Eduserv Foundation.

# Released Title
1 March 2008 Measuring the impact of Second Life for educational purposes.
2 Oct 2009 Choosing virtual worlds for teaching and learning in UK HE.
3 May 2010 Zen and the Art of Avatar Maintenance.