Working for, and with, clients

A few notes of interest to potential work clients.


I nearly always reply the same day, or within a day, to messages from clients.

No works are started before a formal contract is agreed and signed. I don’t provide free “sample” works, or unpaid works to “raise my profile”. There are examples of completed deliverables in the portfolio.


All content is provided digitally i.e. through email, Google Drive or an FTP or other file repository system. I can provide content in widely-used formats such as Word, RTF, OS Pages, PDF and others.

Alternately, I can enter content directly into a Content Management System, and have previous experience of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and several proprietary systems.

I can work with your copywriter or editor, or use my own preferred copywriter or proofreader, if required.

The client owns all of the content I am contracted to provide. I will not reuse or recycle the content in works for other clients.


The cost and amount of time spent developing content depends on several factors, the largest being the amount of research required. It’s in everyone’s interest that content is provided quickly, especially with the fast-evolving technology of games used in learning. Typically, if I have no competing works then smaller pieces are completed within weeks rather than months.


While working, I greatly prefer to use efficient and non-disruptive online communications such as email, scheduled videocalls, or other online communication methods.

I am a UK citizen and resident, and have been registered with the UK HMRC as a Sole Trader (self-employed) since May 2001. However, I can often work for/with clients from countries outside of the UK, though (currently) I can only provide content in English.