Non-gaming work and publications

Academic study and work

1988-91: BSc Jt Honours in Statistics and Computer Science, Hatfield Polytechnic.
1991-92: MSc in Data Engineering, Keele University.
1992-95: Researcher, Department of Information Science, University of Sheffield.
1995-97: Information officer of UKOLN and web editor of Ariadne, University of Bath.
1997-98: Researcher, ILRT, University of Bristol
1998-99: Manager, OMNI, University of Nottingham.
1999-01: Research funding manager, CDLR, University of Strathclyde.

Post-academic study and work

2001-16: Independent education technology researcher, Silversprite.
2005-09: Small business website analyst, Outer Hebrides.

Some publications

(More are listed on my Google Scholar profile)

1994: The development of World Wide Web pages for an academic department
John Kirriemuir, Melanie Lawes and David Miller
AXIS, 1:4, 16-24

1995: Cataloguing in the electronic age: future librarians’ cataloguing of Internet resources
John Kirriemuir and Nigel Ford
VINE, 25:2, 55-60

1995: Identification of duplicate and near-duplicate full-text records in database search outputs using hierarchic cluster analysis
John Kirriemuir and Peter Willett
Program, 29:3, 241-256

1995: Use of cluster analysis methods for analysing the outputs of multiple-database searches
John Kirriemuir and Peter Willett
ELVIRA (Electronic Library and Visual Information Research) Proceedings 2, 117-126

1996: The 4th WWW Conference in Boston
Debra Hiom and John Kirriemuir
Ariadne, 1, January

1996: Electronic Libraries Programme (eLib) Update
Ariadne, 2, March

1996: Netskills: A Major Training Programme
Ariadne, 2, March

1996: Down Your Very Long Way Away
Ariadne, 2, March

1996: Netskills eLib Project Launch
Ariadne, 2, March

1996: Meta-Guidelines for Designing and Building World Wide Web Sites
John Kirriemuir, Lorcan Dempsey and Chris Brown
ELVIRA (Electronic Library and Visual Information Research) Proceedings 3, 157-165

1996: Mailing Lists: Keeping Up With eLib
Ariadne, 3, May

1996: Towards distributed library systems: Z39.50 in a European context
Lorcan Dempsey, Rosemary Russell and John Kirriemuir
Program, 30:1, 1-22

1996: Libtech 96
John Kirriemuir and Isobel Stark
Ariadne, 5, September

1996: Sideline: Seagulls and Boomerangs
Ariadne, 5, September

1997: The Professional Web-zine and Parallel Publishing
D-Lib Magazine, February

1997: Down Your Way: The Natural History Museum
Ariadne, 8, March

1997: Mirroring and Caching Network-based Resources
John Kirriemuir and Jon Knight
ELVIRA (Electronic Library and Visual Information Research) Proceedings 4, 133-144

1997: Clifford Lynch in Interview
Ariadne, 10, July

1998: Cross-Searching Subject Gateways: The Query Routing and Forward Knowledge Approach
John Kirriemuir, Dan Brickley, Susan Welsh, Jon Knight and Martin Hamilton
D-Lib Magazine, January

1998: More than Pharmocopaeia: Biomedical Resource Discovery in Context
John Kirriemuir and Sue Welsh
D-Lib Magazine, September

1998: The Future of OMNI: Commercial Decisions in an Academic World
Internet in medicine: MEDNET 98; the third annual world congress on the internet in medicine; London.

1998: eLib: How Was It For You?
Ariadne, 18, December

1999: OMNI Corner: Information or Hysteria, “Talking sensibly” in the Biomedical Field
Ariadne, 19, March

1999: UK Subject Gateways to Information on the Net
John Kirriemuir, Nicky Ferguson and Brian McKenna
Electronic Library, 17:2, 91-94

1999: OMNI: Accessing the Internet
Ariadne, 20, June

2001: Web-based affiliate schemes
New Review of Information Networking, 7:1, 273-281

2001: Virtual Training Suite Launch
Ariadne, 28, June

2001: Establishing a Digital Library Centre
Ariadne, 29, October

2003: Speech Recognition Technologies
JISC Techwatch Report

2003: Developing a Content Management System-based Web Site
Clare Rogers and John Kirriemuir
D-Lib Magazine, May

2005: Editorial Information Quality: Thoughts from a Castaway Blogger
Journal of Librarianship and Information Science 37 (2), 59-61

2006: Ten Years of Pathfinding
John MacColl, Lorcan Dempsey and John Kirriemuir
Ariadne, 46, February

2016: FIGIT, eLib, Ariadne and the Future
Marieke Guy, Philip Hunter, John Kirriemuir, Jon Knight and Richard Waller
Ariadne, 75, January

2016: Ariadne is not the only fruit
Ariadne, 75, January

2016: Book Review of The Network Reshapes the Library
Ariadne, 76, May