Libraries and information systems

This is a list of some of my articles and papers in this wider field. More are listed on my Google Scholar profile and on ORCID. Library and information science works which overlap or involve games in some manner are listed in my portfolio.

1994: The development of World Wide Web pages for an academic department
John Kirriemuir, Melanie Lawes and David Miller
AXIS, 1:4, 16-24

1995: Cataloguing in the electronic age: future librarians’ cataloguing of Internet resources
John Kirriemuir and Nigel Ford
VINE, 25:2, 55-60

1995: Identification of duplicate and near-duplicate full-text records in database search outputs using hierarchic cluster analysis
John Kirriemuir and Peter Willett
Program, 29:3, 241-256

1995: Use of cluster analysis methods for analysing the outputs of multiple-database searches
John Kirriemuir and Peter Willett
ELVIRA (Electronic Library and Visual Information Research) Proceedings 2, 117-126

1996: The 4th WWW Conference in Boston
Debra Hiom and John Kirriemuir
Ariadne, 1, January

1996: Meta-Guidelines for Designing and Building World Wide Web Sites
John Kirriemuir, Lorcan Dempsey and Chris Brown
ELVIRA (Electronic Library and Visual Information Research) Proceedings 3, 157-165

1996: Towards distributed library systems: Z39.50 in a European context
Lorcan Dempsey, Rosemary Russell and John Kirriemuir
Program, 30:1, 1-22

1996: Libtech 96
John Kirriemuir and Isobel Stark
Ariadne, 5, September

1997: The Professional Web-zine and Parallel Publishing
D-Lib Magazine, February

1997: Down Your Way: The Natural History Museum
Ariadne, 8, March

1997: Mirroring and Caching Network-based Resources
John Kirriemuir and Jon Knight
ELVIRA (Electronic Library and Visual Information Research) Proceedings 4, 133-144

1997: Clifford Lynch in Interview
Ariadne, 10, July

1998: Cross-Searching Subject Gateways: The Query Routing and Forward Knowledge Approach
John Kirriemuir, Dan Brickley, Susan Welsh, Jon Knight and Martin Hamilton
D-Lib Magazine, January

1998: More than Pharmocopaeia: Biomedical Resource Discovery in Context
John Kirriemuir and Sue Welsh
D-Lib Magazine, September

1998: The Future of OMNI: Commercial Decisions in an Academic World
Internet in medicine: MEDNET 98; the third annual world congress on the internet in medicine; London.

1999: OMNI Corner: Information or Hysteria, “Talking sensibly” in the Biomedical Field
Ariadne, 19, March

1999: UK Subject Gateways to Information on the Net
John Kirriemuir, Nicky Ferguson and Brian McKenna
Electronic Library, 17:2, 91-94

1999: OMNI: Accessing the Internet
Ariadne, 20, June

2001: Web-based affiliate schemes
New Review of Information Networking, 7:1, 273-281

2001: Virtual Training Suite Launch
Ariadne, 28, June

2001: Establishing a Digital Library Centre
Ariadne, 29, October

2003: Speech Recognition Technologies
JISC Techwatch Report

2003: Developing a Content Management System-based Web Site
Clare Rogers and John Kirriemuir
D-Lib Magazine, May

2005: Editorial Information Quality: Thoughts from a Castaway Blogger
Journal of Librarianship and Information Science 37 (2), 59-61

2006: Ten Years of Pathfinding
John MacColl, Lorcan Dempsey and John Kirriemuir
Ariadne, 46, February

2016: FIGIT, eLib, Ariadne and the Future
Marieke Guy, Philip Hunter, John Kirriemuir, Jon Knight and Richard Waller
Ariadne, 75, January

2016: Ariadne is not the only fruit
Ariadne, 75, January

2016: Book Review of The Network Reshapes the Library
Ariadne, 76, May